The Schachernhof is situated on the Mittersiller Sonnberg at an altitude of 1000 meters. We have approximately 43ha mowing surfaces, which are mown 2 to 3 times a year and 4,5ha forest.

On average, there are 35 dairy cows, 5 suckler cows, 2 breeding bulls and 60 young cattle. All the cattle are reared and belong to the rare original Pinzgauer breed. We respect the right of the cattle entrusted to us to natural reproduction by means of a “natural jump”, thus preventing the very dangerous inbreeding. For the offspring always a pure-breed Pinzgauer bull, which is changed every 2 years. From mid-May to mid-September the milk and mother cows are on the alpine pasture. The young animals are on the pasture depending on the weather conditions until mid / end of October.